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roastpork 01-19-2004 04:29 PM

Slackware-current kdemultimedia upgrade?
I upgraded my slackware-current laptop to the latest last night (including the KDE 3.1.5 updates) and am experiencing what I also believe is believe is being discussed in this thread:

swaret -upgrade doesn't upgrade (or something similar)

My two noticable problems are I have no kmix binary and artsd pegs CPU usage upon login to KDE. In fact artsd will do the same with a manual start-up as well. Expanding and perusing the kdemultimedia-3.1.5 package doesn not appear to include kmix.

Anyone experienced this and have a solution?

Other notables on my laptop: upgraded to kernel 2.4.24 as well, alsa seems to be fine.

Thanks, Mike

pH|L 01-19-2004 05:08 PM

yes... i has the same problem today... ;(

thewizard20 01-19-2004 05:32 PM

i use slapt-get for upgrading seems to work better you can try to use that
then i use swaret to get packages of linuxpackages for other thing that are not in the current

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