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haziz 03-14-2013 08:47 AM

Slackware Console Resolution when Dual Booting with Another Distro's GRUB2?
I am tweaking my new Linux Installs on a new home-built machine. I installed Linux Mint 14 first followed by Slackware 14 and Arch Linux on separate partitions. I don't think it matters, but the machine (AMD A10 CPU with a A75 chipset MSI motherboard) is UEFI (and secure boot) capable but I am running it in Legacy BIOS mode, since I have not wrapped my brain around this whole UEFI thing. The 3TB hard drive is however partitioned using a GUID partition scheme (without an EFI partiton), though none of the partitions is greater than 2 TB (the largest partition on that drive is 1 TB). I have already spent a couple of evenings tweaking the installs and would rather leave them as is.

After wrestling with it several times, I have managed to get os-prober and GRUB2 to recognize the existance of the Slackware and Arch Linux partitons and to boot them correctly. The auto-genetated /boot/grub/grub.cfg file is a fairly elaborate (and frightening) affair with elaborate shell scripting including if-else scripts etc. It is beyond my level of comfort with editing GRUB and LILO config files (I can handle manual editing of a simple LILO or Legacy GRUB script).

After this lengthy introduction my question is this:
I intend to use Slackware and Arch mainly from the command line. The console font and resolution on my 24 inch screen is a low resolution chunky affair and I would prefer to adjust the console resolution. I know how to do it to some extent using LILO in Slackware (even then it is a little unpredictable) but am now relying on Linux Mint's GRUB2 as the boot loader for the 3 distros (will also add Scientific Linux later).

How do I adjust the console resolution for Slackware and Arch (preferably independently) within GRUB2 installed from within Linux Mint?


padeen 03-15-2013 03:12 AM

setconsolefont xx in either 1) one of the boot scripts, probably rc.local, or 2) in .profile for those users that want it. You don't need to set it for grub or lilo if all you want is a decent font in the console.

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