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jb.1234abcd 12-22-2012 08:31 AM

Slackware and eudev project

recently there was a eudev project announcement by Gentoo devs,
a fork of udev in response to systemd-udev integration:

Does Slackware indend to join and/or support the eudev project ?
Does Slackware intend to implement it in its distro ?


malekmustaq 12-22-2012 07:14 PM

I think there is reason why S. Kroah-Hartman moved to linux-foundations leaving a lucrative position from suse. The father of udev should make a critical decision relative to your query.

As to Slackware community it has been expressed already this year that we are hesitant and count that move as 'evil'. You can read from Alien Bob here.

Should that redhat position infest the entire linux community, I think that would be the time for me to go back to BSD :). The reason I stay with linux is SLACKWARE, and for this alone. If Slackware beauty is gone then the spirit is gone for I will never use anything from redhat. For two counts academic aspect of software computing is beclouded in the world: 1. Microsoft, 2. Apple. While for two counts the academic integrity of gnu/linux is beclouded also: 1. Redhat, 2. suse. :D

Hope that helps.


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