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likuidkewl 05-29-2003 07:13 PM

Slackware 9 and GRUB?
I know this is a lame question but, I was going to download Slackware 9 and try to dual boot it with XP, and was wondering if GRUB is an option for the bootloader or if it was still just LILO, due to the fact that lilo doesn't like to dual boot on my laptop with XP, in SuSe or Mandrake 9, also only the older non-graphical version. Thanks for the time.

causticmtl 05-30-2003 12:03 AM

I recently installed Slackware 9.0 myself and it only only has LILO as a bootloader.

kazuni 05-30-2003 06:51 AM

yeh, you have to configure/install your own grub, which isn't that hard. just add slackware as:


kernel (hd0,0)/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/hda1 devfs=mount hdc=ide-scsi hdd=ide=scsi
(that is, assuming your slackware is on partition 1 of primary master (hd0,0), hdc = secondary master CDrom with legacy emulation, hdd = secondary slave, etc.)

jtshaw 05-30-2003 07:56 AM

You can download the grub packages from . What I usually do if I am installing slackware in a dual boot situation is install it without lilo. Boot the install with the CD, download grub, and install grub.

Grub is pretty straight foward to use, the documentation is very good.

php 05-30-2003 02:09 PM

what do you mean lilo doesn't do dual boot with your xp? lol

manthram 05-30-2003 02:13 PM

I am dual booting my laptop and couple of my desktops with win xp and others and everyoen of them is done by lilo. there must me something wrong, if you post the lilo.conf file and the partition setup maybe people can help you

motorcycle 06-24-2003 12:25 AM

dual booting
sounds like during the install it wasnt set to boot to dos this happens and sometimes works with all other windows os except xp during installation set the mbr to boot to dos and not linux:D

carboncopy 06-24-2003 01:04 AM

I realize that chain.b is not included with lilo from Slackware 9. Can anyone enlighten me whether this will cause lilo to fail to boot win 2k or xp?

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