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wwwc21 08-01-2003 10:44 PM

Slackware 9
Ok, let me start by saying that ive never had this much trouble in my entire life, and i could kill some one right about now... (has gun by side).

I have freebsd installed... what a fucking os, its badass, for the most part....
I had slackware 8.0 setup, also badass. Now, i try to setup slackware 9.0 (the upgrade). I said scre it, i need to start clean slate anyway, so i pop in my custom made windows bootdisk and delete all non-dos partitions (therefore getting rid of slackware.) Time to install slackware 9.0 (im excited). I put the cd into the computer, nothing happens. WTF. Ok, no biggie, prob just a bad cd. I test it on my windows computer, it works.... hmmm... must be cdrom drive? pulls cords out of cd rom drive and riggs a second cd-rom inside the slackware computer case.... still freezes. Ok, wtf. Must be some kind of slackware boot /mobo conflict. Who cares, ill get the slackware boot disks (BIG MISTAKE), and run the install thru them. I download a few bootdisks, stick them in the machine, and a nice screen with instructions appears extra fast (thinks to self: wow... might start using this instead of custom windows boot disk). I'm good at following instructions, so i do as they say and download the root disk... it doesnt work, i download diff version, they dont work. i download them all... still, nothing.... Well i noticed that freebsd takes diff times with diff. disks of the same root image. Im guessing that it stops writing the image as soon as it hits a bad sector on disk? Anyways, i fdformated'd about 60 diff floppies b4 i found one with no errors what so ever, and i coped the image to the disk using "dd if=text.gz of=/dev/fd0". I used text.gz beacuse it seems to me that text.gz works when color.gz doesnt, making it a lil more compatable/stabel. Anyways, i pop the disk in to the computer when it asks for it, and kablam, error all the way, it gives me this "crc error<5> VFS". Anyways, after breaking my desk (i slammed my hand down on it, and it went thru...) and fixing it again (i used screws and a drill), i still have no answer. I'll be online till i fix the damn thing and get it running, so if you feel you can help, my aim s/n = wwwc21 and my email is (which i have on LOUD alert). I'll probably be trying to find some diffrent kind of boot disks to run the slackware install off of, but honestly, im a newb and have no idea how to do this...

PS: i realize that you people reading this arnt getting paid, so thx alot. if you know of a 'how to' that might help, just drop the link, i figure it'l save alot of "typing" time...

shellcode 08-01-2003 11:42 PM

you are not using the proper root disks.

for slackware 9 you should download the install.1 and the install.2 rootdisks not the color.gz/text.gz/whatever....tell us if this solves it.

tangle 08-02-2003 12:03 AM

I think in Slack 9.0 you need to make the floppies from the images named bare.i(for IDE), install.1 and install.2. In Slack 8.1 you needed bare.i and install.1 through install.5.

wwwc21 08-02-2003 12:09 AM

omg... i love you...
it works...

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