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echoking 09-01-2003 03:23 PM

Slackware 9.0 startx problems
I'm very new to linux coming from Windows. I've been looking into different flavors for about a year and this past weekend I finally started to install Slackware. So here is the environment.

Intel Board (w/ sound card & NIC)

Two paritions (yes I know but i just want it to work for now)
One swap (1G) & Rest of drive
Format tried (all, different results from ex2/3 & Reiser)


startx will not run.

Format (ex2/3) user:root Startup errors:

1) Passed undefined mode # (startup)
2) /lib/modules/2.4.20/kernal/drivers/char/i810-rng.o.gz (Could not read or find)

i810_rng : RNG not detected
i810_rng TCO timer init: Failed to reset no boot flag

After startup complete I issue a startx command:

Warning Can't open /root/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/bookmarks.xml

Unable to open /root/.kde/share/apps/kabc/std.vcf

At that point it hangs......

Format (reiserFS)/user root:

No obvious errors on startup although when startx is issued the following error occurs:

gnome-panel:xxx Client 5 rejected Can't open icon 'go'

If there is any ideas out there I am game. I'm installed at least 6 times and am ready to abort the mission to Debian, OpenBSD, or Red Hat. I've seen posts on configuring Xconfig but not sure on what the next step is. These errors are directly after install (full), bare.i (linux written), install.1/.2 rawrite written (couldn't get Red Hat 7.2 to copy items to disk said it was too full, BS!). Thanks in advcance.

trickykid 09-01-2003 03:54 PM

I didn't see anywhere stating you actually configured X after installing? Have you configured X with xf86config as root?

beolach 09-01-2003 03:54 PM

Well, none of the errors you listed should have any real effect on
startx. The startup errors are stuff about the console video mode,
and a hardware random number generator found on some Intel
motherboards, and both are completly unrelated to X.

The warning about konqueror bookmarks is probably normal for
the first time you run KDE, because no bookmarks have been
created yet. I don't know what the kabc error is about, but looks
like it's probably the same thing, and the file would be created the
first time the program runs.

The GNOME error about the go icon is normal; I get it all the time
on my Slackware 9.0 box, and it doesn't have any problem.

A couple of things you can do that might help fix this:
Run 'xf86config' to create a custom XF86Config file specifically for
your hardware.

Post some more info on your setup. What video card & monitor do
you have? Post the "Monitor", "Device", and "Screen" sections
from /etc/X11/XF86Config.

Look through the /var/log/XFree86*.log files. Are there any more
errors here?

echoking 09-01-2003 04:17 PM

You boys are wonderful, I'll give the config a shot when I get off work tonight. If there are more issues than I will include more detail regarding the monitor/video. Thanks for the timely response.

echoking 09-01-2003 10:09 PM

Thanks everything is up and running. After some playing around in the config section I was able to get it going. Other than the linux documentation project do you know of any good tutorials on Slackware or anything else linux that would be of interest. namely security/configuration. Thanks again

zsejk 09-01-2003 10:39 PM

(*beats the Slackdrum*)


There's tons more of course, but you know... just putting in my :twocents:.


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