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alixx 07-12-2003 03:53 AM

slackware 9.0 -- no postgresql...
mysql is a good product... but i was expecting a free (in its strictest sense) database to be shipped with slack 9.0 and not a semi-commercial product like mysql...

again, i have nothing against mysql... and again, it is a good database... but why is postgresql not included in the slack 9 distro???

just asking.... :)


linuxJaver 07-12-2003 12:12 PM

Afaik it was included in slack 8, but u can download from, if u want use it with java u will need also jakarta-ant from ..

According to my reading postgreSql is a real DBMS, it is not as fast as mySql but it has all features ppl expected from a real DBMS (trasaction rollback n few other thing that not implemented by mySql, that y mySql is faster). My conclusion is, if u need a DBMS only for storing web related pages, small time databaser .. mySql might suit better in the point of fast access thinner postgreSql, but if u consider to use ur DBMS for banking process or colaborate with enterprise u will need a real DBMS, postgreSql is one of such, it has gone long process ..

Wut made negative point of postgreSql for me is that if It needs cygwin to run on windows platforms, have to compile it, no binary distribution for windows-platforms. Does it really matter ?

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