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crealkiller175 03-24-2003 04:55 AM

slackware 9.0 isocd wont boot at startup
basicly the sujects say it lets hear how i could get my this cd drive

please not dat my setting on are fine...and that im runing pantium celeron box and it those seem to work fine on p4 box , i know i should up grade but anways how can i get it to boot if it possible?...

thanx in advance

DaOne 03-24-2003 06:16 AM

Is the ISO bootable? Is your bios set to boot from cdrom? If all else fails, use the bootdisk and the 2 rootdisk images from the ftp site.

snocked 03-24-2003 06:52 AM

You burned it as an image?
Did checksum?

crealkiller175 03-24-2003 07:40 AM


Excalibur 03-24-2003 10:00 AM

Look in the isolinux/sbootmgr directory on the CD. Slack 9 now includes a disk image for Smart Boot Manager. At least, the iso image that I downloaded has it. Write the image to a disk and boot the disk. It might support your system where the BIOS may not.

Aussie 03-24-2003 07:53 PM

Explain to us how you burnt the iso to disk.
You might also want to read the burning instructions at

DonLuis 03-24-2003 10:08 PM

9.0 Booting
Am temporarily using my boot floppy to kick start boot. Without the floppy (mbr lilo) fills the screen with a repetitive series of 9949494949494949494s. The floppy gets me to the < DOS ~ Linux > prompt and LILO takes over.

If you can boot with your CD and get into a console, do a < cat BOOTING.TXT | more > and read their suggestions therein. Obviously this was/is a known issue with 9.0 IMHO. Am digesting this data in (on my test box) right now, thought of you and decided to share.

This was a non problem in 8.1.01. At least 9.0 found my Soundblaster PCI 128 and configured it during installation, no more /dev/dsp failure messages. Sure wish they'd put CUPS on the CD.



figadiablo 03-25-2003 06:49 AM


Sure wish they'd put CUPS on the CD.
Look in the estras directory. It should be there, on your slackware cd:



DonLuis 03-25-2003 11:36 AM

9.0 Boot Fixed
After a long day and my previous post, thought further as I retired and got up and looked at ' lilo.conf ' sure enough it had ' boot = /dev/fd0 " then forgot to run lilo after I vi'ed it. It's Hell to get old,
will don the dunce cap for remainder of day.

Re (figadiablo) CUPS: it's not on (in) my third party CD, will wait for my Slack package NBD.

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