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xcobra 06-08-2002 07:52 AM

I've a network on 3 computers; one windows xp comp, one win 98 comp. On the theirth computer I installed slackware 8 (full without promps). I'm new to this and have many questions. I've also downloaded all the docs but couldn't find my questions.

1. I've installed dhcp and I can browse the internet my linux comp. I've cable-connection on my winblows xp comp. server. that works fine(on both windows comp). Only I can't browse my network on my linux comp; if i press network in konkueror i see: internal error your network is not yet configured go to KDE control/networking lan browsing and configure... But if I go there I see nothing special; what should I do to fix it; in netconfig all setting are alright; workgroup etc..

2. If i can browse my network in my above question, how can i get access to linux from my winblows xp server comp? I've heard from samba; but that is already installed in slackware right?

3. How can I test if the above things work
thx for answering these newbie questions


trickykid 06-08-2002 12:49 PM

Samba should be installed but have you configured it yet ? It doesn't automatically configure Samba.

xcobra 06-08-2002 06:31 PM

well it could be the problem; the documents on that website are huge.. can you just tell me in short words how to configure it?

computer 1 winblows xp server
eth1: ipofprovider shares internet dhcp
eth2: shares: e:\ftp

computer 2 winblows 98
eth1: shares d:\

computer3 linux slackware 8
eth1 shares?

computer4 winblows me

domain: workgroup

My internet connection is cable; and my provider gives a dhcp static ip. Maybe its better to make slackware 8 serve'; could you give me that configuration too?

Rashkae 06-10-2002 11:13 AM

Shortwords, find smb.conf.sample. it should be somwhere like /etc/smb or /etc/samba. copy this file to smb.conf. Open with a text editor and change anything that obviously needs changing. (Such as Workgroup name, and optionally, uncomment the 'public' share). For the sake of completeness restart. If that doesn't work for you, back to Long docs you go.

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