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MikeeX 05-26-2002 04:57 PM

Slackware 8.1 RC1
Just went to and saw that Patrick officialy announced Slack 8.1 RC1. Also post on Didn't see a post about it in here yet, so I thought I would tell you all :-)


Brion 05-26-2002 05:56 PM

this is great news
i don't use slack anymore cuz i just love LFS too much, but i used slack 8.0 for about 4 months and i really fell in love with it. it's great to see that Slackware continues to live because it really is an excellent distro

MikeeX 05-26-2002 10:10 PM

It is great to hear that its still going strong. Can't wait till the official release!!!

I'm sure alot of ppl cant wait.

CARTMAN 05-27-2002 06:05 AM

More power to Pat!

Infamous Tim 05-28-2002 01:01 PM

So, I guess this isn't the official version, more like a "try it at your own risk" kind of thing ... hrmm ... I want slack 8.1 bad! I think it'll be worth it, I didn't have anything of consequence going on my linux partition anyways.

MikeeX 05-28-2002 02:04 PM

Ya, not official release BUT, its a sign of it being close!!! YAY

NightSky 05-28-2002 07:03 PM

I am struggling with the 8.1b2 ver... but i am a newbie. Had 8.0 and trashed to try to install the beta one... wmaker is missing in the beta, ext3 and reiser ext are new - what are the advantages of ext3 and reiser?

jtshaw 05-29-2002 11:49 PM

RieserFS and ext3 are journaling file systems. Basically, though there is more to it then this... they are more resistant to data lose on unexpected shutdowns and they don't require doing any kind of disk checking like fschk unless something goes horribly horribly wrong, which I have never scene happen.

ext3 is an extention to ext2. Ext3 partitions can be mounted as ext2 which is nice if you forget to add the ext3 option when building a new kernel.

Reiserfs is a totally different ball game. It stores the files in a balanced tree. Basically what this means is the search time for finding something on Reiserfs is very fast compared to other file system. There is of course a little bit of a trade off. The tree has to be balanced everytime you add data to the file system. Of course since it balances every time the balance doesn't take all that long but it does have to be done.

I personally use Rieserfs because I have been using it for quite some time and I trust it. I am sure ext3 works well though.

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