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Bengt 11-12-2002 03:10 PM

Slackware 8.1 and GLIBC 2.3
When I try to run MySQL Control Center it complains that it can't find GLIBC 2.3 (which this program needs). I have installed Slackware 8.1 and according to this version should contain "glibc-2.3.1". Are there different versions of 8.1? Is my error just an configuration error? How can I find out if 2.3 is installed (a search for "glibc" just found files with 2.2.x)?

If I need to install/upgrade to 2.3, is there any good and not to complicated information which can help me with the upgrade? Should I upgrade Slackware or just GLIBC?


neo77777 11-12-2002 10:23 PM

mine has 2.2.5 (slackware-current as of Sept. 2002), I don't remember upgrading it since then. you can find 2.2.3 at GNU ftp server
just be warned cross your fingers you might need as well to downgrade libc, there are some caveats to it, there were a couple of threads about glibc bitching, search for them.

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