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starbreaker 06-22-2002 09:32 AM

slackware 8.0 question
I have slackware 8.0 installed and I am using window maker as my window manager and i was wonder how to get my sound blaster pci 512 sound card and i cannot get it to work with window maker it works with everything else but no window maker please help

any suggestions?

DavidPhillips 06-22-2002 05:29 PM

this may work

issue this command while it's working


make note of the modules loaded (especially those that may be related to sound)
or look in /etc/modules.conf for an alias

issue the command again in wmaker (making note of the ones that are not loaded)

try loading them with modprobe

like seeing this in modules.conf

alias sound-slot-0 sb

or this from lsmod

sb 7872 0 (unused)
sb_lib 34688 0 [sb]
uart401 6592 0 [sb_lib]
sound 59628 0 [sb_lib uart401]
soundcore 4452 4 [sb_lib sound]

the one that does not show used by the others should be the one to modprobe

then issue this command

modprobe sb

modprobe will load the needed modules, like sound, soundcore, sb, sb_lib, uart401

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