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sqn 06-10-2002 04:13 AM

slackware 7.1 vs slackware 8
i have downloaded the kde3 form for slackware 8...

can i run it on slackware 7.1?

if not can u tell me why?

egh128 06-10-2002 05:08 AM

I don't think Window Managers have distrobution dependencies so it's most likely upgradeable to latest version (3.0.1).

vfs 06-10-2002 07:28 AM

The maximum you'll have to do, IMO, is to export the correct variables and/or install the needed shared libs.

You'll have problems too if the packages were compiled against XFree86 4.0 and you're at 3.3.6 (At least I had: YMMV).


sqn 06-16-2002 02:45 AM

thx 2 all

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