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kingbeowulf 02-09-2013 02:23 PM

Slackware 14: mumble Robotic noise/distortion with some but not all remote clients
As this has been bothering some of us for a while, I thought I would share an informational post. For those us you who, after upgrading to Slackware 14, suddenly had mumble "go robotic" with some, but not all, remote clients, go to and grab/install the updated mumble package. This slackbuld now uses the bundled celt-0.11.0. The SBo system-wide package is celt-0.11.3. According to, versions can not me mixed and matched.

Of course, I fixed this on my end at 1 am last night and then discovered the updated slackbuild when I was creating a diff patch to post here. Oh, well...

The issue was the version of Celt. Windows users install the precompiled package linked to celt-0.11.0, as are some linux distro repositories. As a result, any OS that installed mumble linked to a newer, system-wide celt, will have problems talking to those linked to the bundled celt.

Conclusion: Use the bundled celt-0.11.0 that ships with mumble-1.2.3.

I haven't noticed any mentions of this on LQ or on the SBo mailing list and there are still numerous forum posts around teh web that dance around this issue with no result. Hopefully, this helps anyone who is still banging their head aginst the wall!

elesmod 02-11-2013 09:11 AM

Now I won't have to force Windows users to fiddle with their quality compression settings just so I could hear them.

Thanks for sharing this info, kingbeowulf.

kingbeowulf 02-13-2013 12:29 AM

Glad to help, elesmod. This was bugging me too for awhile until I finally sat down and took a careful look at what was going on. This was prompted by mumble-1.2.4-RC1 being out and when I looked at their git, they were still using celt-0.11.0. Comparing various mumble builds showed the celt version mismatch.

AND THEN, to muddy the waters more, both celt and speex are deprecated. From the xiph.pages:

—The CELT codec has been merged into the IETF Opus codec and is now obsolete—
Now the question remains, will mumble continue to use celt/speex or switch?

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