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girvinh 03-26-2013 07:10 PM

Slackware 14.0 KDE problems
This forum has been very helpful to me in the past and I am turning to it once again, for I have run out of ideas to solve this problem.

I have been working to install and configure Slackware 14.0 prior to deployment and I am at a show-stopper with KDE4. I am hoping someone on this forum has had these problems too and maybe has a solution that is not apparent to me. Here are the problems that I have observed:

1. "K" panel disappears as soon as the first app is run. Adding another "K" panel puts it at the top of the desktop where other subsequent windows overlap it. The "K" panel configuration "window" used to move the panel, and in fact other such windows, disappears when the mouse is moved, as if they exit when the focus is lost.

2. Windows are not able to be re-sized nor moved with the mouse (drag and drop) and the traditional icons at the upper right corner are missing. Alt-left button does not move the windows either. Double-clicking on the window top bar does not reduce it to the bar.
This is a major show-stopper!

3. At times, the window's toolbar displays the buttons, but they do not work when clicked. Without File->quit nor the "X" on the window, there is no apparent way to quit the app, other than quitting KDE itself, and sometimes right-clicking the desktop does not bring up the pop-up with the exit option, but a "desktop" selection pop-up. In that case, there is no option but to kill the KDE process. While using Firefox to configure CUPS through its web-server port, some CUPS widgets were not selectable either. The CUPS problem may be related to the similar underlying KDE problem.
This is also a show-stopper.

4. At times, the mouse will select an icon to the side of the correct option, which seems like the coordinates are incorrect. For example, when I clicked on the "K" bar's "X" icon, the process for the network icon to the left of the "X" icon was run. Clicking on the network icon also ran the network icon's process.
Another show-stopper.

Note that I have these same problems as root and user modes.
I am hoping someone in this forum can shed some light on these problems and point me in the right direction for a solution. Otherwise, I must abandon Slack 14 and continue with Slack 12.2.

Girvin Herr

xflow7 03-26-2013 07:29 PM

Did you upgrade the machine to 14 and were you previously using KDE3? If so, I would recommend logging out, deleting your ~/.kde directory and then logging back in. In my experience, attempting to run KDE4 with an old .kde directory causes all manner of strange behavior.


girvinh 03-27-2013 01:32 PM

No, I did not "upgrade" from S12.2 to S14.0. I started from scratch on a blank hard drive. I have not imported my current (i.e. KDE3) user ".*" directories, thinking that could contaminate the new installation. So, this is all from new.

Since I posted my original post, I did think of some additional information that may apply to this problem. I noticed the following message in the X log:

Hotplugging is on, devices using drivers 'kbd', 'mouse' or 'vmmouse' will be disabled.
Disabling Mouse0
Disabling keyboard0

Note that I am using an /etc/X/Xorg.conf file to define my video card, monitor and screens properly. This file also does define the mouse0 and keyboard0 devices, since it was created by Xorg -configure.

When I first brought up KDE, the keyboard input was inop. I thought of exiting and bringing KDE up a second time in case this was a race condition and when I did so, the keyboard was working.

Also, I have discovered that gpm does not work in a Midnight Commander shell (Ctrl-o). The mouse cursor works and I can click on a "window" option such as a file, but the copy-paste function does not work in a Ctrl-o shell. Double-clicking does not highlight the source text and when the left button is pressed, the cursor freezes, so I cannot drag to select text. gpm works fine in the main shell, but will not copy-paste in the MC shell.

Could these be related to the hotplugging mechanism being used for the keyboard and mouse?
I can see hotpluging being useful on a laptop where external devices could be plugged in. However, my computer is a desktop and these devices are plugged in all the time.
Should I blacklist the keyboard and mouse for hotplugging and go back to the standard drivers?

I might add that I am using the imps2 mouse driver.


zrdc28 03-30-2013 11:45 PM

Rename xorg to something else "xorg.old" & then restart it without an xorg file and it will probably work. You can then reinstall your video driver etc.

willysr 03-31-2013 01:07 AM

Did you perform a full install?

girvinh 04-01-2013 02:03 PM

To xrdc28: Actually, I did do that (no xorg.conf) the first time I brought up X. However, on my system, I need the xorg file, otherwise my screen is shifted to the right by at least 2 inches. I will try your suggestion again when I get the chance, just in case something happened since then and as an exercise to tie up loose ends.

To willysr: Yes, I did a full install - all but kdei.

Since I last posted to this thread, I have discovered Xfce. Xfce works fine, and it even runs the kde4 apps, such as k3b. Xfce may not look as slick as KDE and it may be a bit cruder, but it works, where kde4 does not. Working trumps not working every time. I am now back on the path to upgrading to Slackware 14.0.

Another possible hint to this problem came from an Xfce thread I read, where a user was complaining the window border disappeared. The response was to re-load the window manager. Since one of the symptoms I see on KDE4 is that there is no window border and the upper-right window icons are missing, I am wondering if this same problem may not apply to KDE4 in my case. However, I would not know where to start to look for the KDE4 window manager to re-load, nor how to test if this is indeed the problem.

So, I now have a work-around to this thread's problem. However, as far as this thread goes, I don't think it is solved yet, so I am not marking it as such unless someone convinces me otherwise (i.e. forum protocols and all that).
Thanks everyone for the help.
Girvin Herr

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