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mr_earswab 07-17-2004 02:17 PM

slackware 10 compiled kernel migration questions
imma linux super newbie

been researching alot and i gave slackware 10 a try even managed to compile my own kernel and succesfully installed it! yeah!

eventually i ran into a whole bunch of problems with sound not playing, something about no libao driver during a mpg321 play and modprobe giving me something about wrong extentions.

there wasn't much info. on what to do after a migration to self compiled kernel 2.6.7

after much research i came to this

removepkg alsa stuff and compile alsa from scratch to get sound working
uninstall then reinstall module-init-tools to get modules working

my questions are
am i on the right path?

are there anything else that i need to do for this migration?

also i know that i needed to remove alsa since the one installed with slackware was compiled for that specific kernel (from what i read). DOes the same apply for module-init-tools? in other words do i have to uninstall modules-init-tools then reinstall it? or can i just modify some files for my compiled kernel?

does anyone know if there are other stuff installed on slackware 10 the must be uninstalled and then reinstall for this migration to a compiled kernel?

keefaz 07-17-2004 02:51 PM

No need to reinstall module-init-tools at all, as you say you have slackware 10 so a recent version of module-init-tools too.

You may need to install libao package (the mpeg321 pb)

What is the output for : ls -l /sbin/modprobe ?
What is the output for : lsmod ?
Is your /etc/rc.d/rc.hotplug executable ? If not chmod +x it

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