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thick_guy_9 01-05-2005 07:59 AM

Slackware 10 CD Request
I wonder if someone (from Singapore prefereably) will be able to send me the CDs of Slackware 10.0. I only need the 2 instation CDs (not the 2 sources CDs). I stay at Singapore. I can send you three blank CDs for the two CDs you will send (and cover the postal charges).


carboncopy 01-05-2005 08:33 AM

If nobody else from Singapore can help. Email me.

I am across the Straits of Johor.

thick_guy_9 01-07-2005 04:25 AM

Hi CarbonCopy,
Thanks for the offer. I managed to d/l the CD:mad:
(it was painful).

Thanks anyways.....

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