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alphisb0t 03-22-2006 12:16 PM

slackware 10.2, kernel 2.6.16, and initrd
Hi guys. I've had this problem only using the 2.6.16 kernel and this doesn't seem to be the case with the 2.6.15. I've compiled the kernel source and set all appropriate options using make menuconfig. I've made the filesystems I use, ext2/ext3 built into the kernel and thus have no modules.

I receive a VFS kernel panic every single time I try to boot from this kernel. Somewhere I was advised that if I was using slackware I should have an initrd. From what I understand the entire point of the initrd is to load modules the kernel does NOT have built in functionality for before loading the root partition. This is contradictive seeing as how I have ext3 built IN and thus have NO MODULES. So I tried it anyway by rebuilding the kernel with ext3 set to module and created the ramdisk with:

mkinitrd -c -k 2.6.16 -m jbd:ext3 -f ext3 -r /dev/hda4

hda4 is my root partition, of type ext3.

Now, when I did this with the kernel panic was replaced with some error about killing INIT. However my point is that at LEAST the ramdisk was LOADED as specified by my lilo.conf.

When I loaded the 2.6.16 kernel the ramdisk FAILS TO LOAD ENTIRELY and I get the usual VFS kernel panic trying to load root. I didn't expect it to work, however I at least hoped to see the initrd run to begin with. 2.6.15 at least loaded the ramdisk before failing, whereas 2.6.16 just refuses to load the ramdisk.

My lilo conf:





Clearly, the initrd is pointed to in my conf file and lilo doesn't complain about not finding it. However when booted the 2.6.16 kernel simply bypasses it as if I hadn't created a rd to begin with.

Any help is appreciated. This problem has been a constant one preventing me from getting the 2.6 kernel installed for the ONLY purpose of installing the ipw2200 wireless drivers I need to get online.

- slacker

Alien_Hominid 03-22-2006 01:38 PM

What type is your hard disk?
P.S. I guess it is SATA. Am I right?

alphisb0t 03-22-2006 01:48 PM

You are correct =] I've enabled whatever sata related items I saw in the make menuconfig. tbh I dont even know if it is truly SATA because when I installed XP on this system I didn't need the SATA raid driver disk. On every single desktop PC I've ever built in my existance, when I was installing to a SATA drive I needed that RAID disk during the xp installation procedure. I did not need that disk when installing xp on this laptop. The specs for the laptop however indicate that the drive is indeed SATA. I am more than a bit confused about this.

If it is SATA, how can I get the 2.6 kernel to recognize it? Will I need to find some type of Intel specific driver for it?

- slacker

Alien_Hominid 03-22-2006 01:58 PM

Installing XP on SATA drive, no special drivers are needed. XP installs them from start. However, check this:

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