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plunder 09-21-2010 02:11 AM

slackpkg search problem - not using /var/log/packages?

i have slackware64 installed on my computer. After discontinue of swaret, i had a look for another http/ftp update tool. slackpkg is the choice of the slackware distribution. It works for slackware updates (update, install-new, upgrade-all). But if I use it for a search it most ly comes with >nothing found<

The problem with the example "opera" is:
-installpkg opera : OK
-opera works as it should be : OK
-slackpkg search opera: nothing found : NOK
-cat /var/log/packages | grep opera : opera-$version found :OK
-pkgtool remove found opera : OK

So i guess that slackpkg not use /var/log/packages! Really? That means, that i have two different databases of what is installed? One used by pkgtool and one used by slackpkg. And i cant find with installpkg/ pkgtool installed software with slackpkg? But where look slackpkg for, what is installed?

I can't pkgtool installed software manage with slackpkg? Did i have a misconfiguration in slackpkg.conf or something else?

Thanks for advice
br plunder

phenixia2003 09-21-2010 02:57 AM


This is because installpkg,removepkg,upgradepkg, and, pkgtool can be used to manage all kind of slackware package, even third party packages, which it is not the case of slackpkg.

Indeed, Slackpkg can be used only to install, upgrade or for searching packages that are part of Slackware. So, as Opera is not part of Slackware, it can't be installed, updated nor searched using slackpkg.


slakmagik 09-21-2010 05:15 PM

You can build opera from and use sbopkg to manage it and other SlackBuilds if you want (links in sig).

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