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ralvy 11-18-2004 09:28 PM

slackpkg question
When I attempt to install or upgrade anything with slackpkg, I get the following:


You need the GPG key of Slackware Linux Project <>.
To download and install that key, run:


You can disable GPG checking, too. But it isn't a good idea.
To disable GPG, edit slackpkg.conf and add one line with NOGPG=1.
You can see an example in

If I then run


I see a successful download of gpg. However, any further attempts to install or upgrade anything at all is still greeted with the message that I need the GPG key of Slackware Linux Project. What might I be doing wrong?

JunctaJuvant 11-19-2004 10:48 AM


I don't use slackpkg, and I know this isn't really a solution, but I'm wondering whether it would really be such a security disaster to use the NOGPG=1 option.

And I only use GPG in e-mail (so maybe I'm wrong here too), but my guess would be that if you want to get GPG working you might have to import and sign the actual PGP key in addition to installing the GPG program.

Good luck!


ralvy 11-19-2004 04:48 PM

Thanks. That solves it for me.

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