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amikoyan 04-07-2021 02:53 PM Parallel asks for citation or pay 10000 EUR
I installed 14.2 > System > parallel (20210122) from

When running for the first time it asked for me to run a citation command or 'If you pay 10000 EUR you should feel free to use GNU Parallel without citing.'

Is this normal? I hope I am being paranoid.

Emerson 04-07-2021 02:55 PM

There is a mistake, one zero is missing.

amikoyan 04-07-2021 03:03 PM

The price has gone up!

I didn't read it too carefully

bassmadrigal 04-07-2021 03:13 PM

See this section on their site:



When using GNU parallel for a publication please cite as per parallel --citation. Read the background for the citation in The GNU Parallel Citation FAQ.

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