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Knightron 02-04-2012 12:51 AM
Hello guys, i'm sorry if this may be considered spam, but i just wanted to compliment all the guys who have helped put together It is a great repository and the people who have maintained it should be proud of them selves for doing a good job at creating such a large repo. The effort is much appreciated, and in the future when more experienced, i hope i can help contribute some quality slackbuilds too.

Good work guys.


Sylvester Ink 02-04-2012 02:02 AM

I second this. Slackbuilds has been an invaluable source for me. I hope to one day help in contributing as well. :D

mcnalu 02-04-2012 03:19 AM

Thirded! and sbopkg are vital, everyday resources/tools for me.

mrclisdue 02-04-2012 06:28 AM

I'm in! Also src2pkg....thanks to all.

Is it time for a group hug, or is my fatigue showing?


fietser 02-04-2012 07:35 AM .thanks to all.

Keith Hedger 02-04-2012 09:39 AM

I agree with the above and I have posted a couple or three slackbuilds ( he says smugly ) and I think every one should try to add at least one slackbuild to the repo.

BCarey 02-04-2012 12:19 PM


~: ls -l /var/log/packages/*_SBo | wc -l
164 and sbopkg for queuing makes life sooooo much easier. Thanks.


fgcl2k 02-04-2012 01:45 PM


$ ls -l /var/log/packages/*_SBo | wc -l

Thank you for a better Slackware experience.

ve2mrj 02-06-2012 07:44 PM is an invaluable resource for building
packages to complete the Slackware installation.

I often use it.

Thanks for a site like this.


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