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thegeekster 05-31-2004 06:03 AM

SlackBuild system
After much thought on this subject, I've decided to make this a project to be shared with others, creating a "build system" for Slackware while trying to balance the "do-it-yourself" philosophy with a semi-automated system of scripts to create Slackware pkgs and installing them.............The idea is to formalize and standardize the process as much as possible..................While there are some tools such as checkinstall around (which I used to rely on in the past) for creating pkgs, this method I'm proposing will give much greater control over the process and is specifice to Slackware by using the tools provided by Slack.........

Currently, I'm going all the way to rebuild Slackware completely while developing and fine-tuning this system, compiling everything from source to test things out, and taking notes along the way to share with others the do's and don'ts as I run across this point I'm still undecided whether to make it a SourceForge project or an individual project that has it's own web page (currently I'm leaning towards the latter).................either way it will be Open Source, backed by the GPL.............

I'm justifying this by the fact that not everyone has the inclination to do this on their own, and it will be my own small way to give back to the community.....................This will take some time, longer then the 1-2 month time frame I had originally anticipated (but hopefully not much more ;)), and I will announce it here as soon as it's ready

If you have any feedback, fire away..........


amos 05-31-2004 06:17 AM

An excellent idea. When you get the website up and running let us know and I for one'll come and have a look. Are you thinking of something along the lines of a detailed HOWTO or more of a mixture of a HOWTO and scripts?


PS Are you a member of every single website that I am?:D

thegeekster 05-31-2004 07:11 AM


Originally posted by amos
...Are you thinking of something along the lines of a detailed HOWTO or more of a mixture of a HOWTO and scripts?


PS Are you a member of every single website that I am?:D

The scripts will have some instructions in the form of comments, but I will be putting together documentation and readme's along with for a HOWTO, I'm not sure if it will be more of the form of Do's and Don'ts rather than a HOWTO..............I'll just have to see what develops

As to the second question...................HUH :)

Raskolnikov 05-31-2004 09:20 AM

Great !
This is a great idea ! It will be possible to compile Slack to run on a Powerbook, so ? :rolleyes:

In fact, I plan to upgrade my hardware and find Apple's computers very nice... If you write an HOW-TO or similar document, and need some testers, I'm volunteer :p

gargamel 06-01-2004 06:42 AM

You've started a fine and most welcome project.
It will take courage and endurance to finish it.

So good luck!

Just one hint, here: It might help to look at the scripts
used by some source based distributions like ROCK,
SourceMage, Sorcerer and Lunar.
Gentoo has a good and established build system too,
but it's based on Python instead of Bash scripting.

Best wishes and good success,


thegeekster 06-01-2004 06:44 PM

Thanx for the support....... :)

After contacting Patrick Volkerding about this project, he requested that I not use the name SlackBuild...................So, the first name that popped into mind is PkgBuild.................and I will be giving him the first opportunity to look it over since Slackware is his baby, after which I will be asking for some testers............ :)

As for the scripting, I had thought about using perl, but then decided to stick with shell scripting to make it easier for the end user to make changes as they see fit, in keeping with the "do-it-yourself" approach........after all, this project is specifically designed for the end-user in mind, and for those who may be new to Slack and Linux...........


sio 06-01-2004 07:05 PM

hmm i've been specifically pondering on doing something similar to this and oddly enough do it all in bash script (mainly b/c i just enjoy it :D)

Specifically some of the things I thought about aside from the generalizations you made in your first post would be a set of commands for a specially talored system for particular purposes as well ( more generalizations :D ) I may contact you in a week and see if you could use a helping hand with anything, I just ordered some new parts last friday for my new slack box for just these purposes :D

thegeekster 06-01-2004 07:59 PM

Okay, sio................I'll be waiting and we'll see what develops.............. :)

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