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slackass 05-21-2009 12:11 AM

Slack64-Current / NVIDIA Driver / possible bug?
Slack64-Current / NVIDIA Driver / possible bug?

This system:
AMD 2.7 dual core cranked up to 3.1
8 GB ram – 7.8 detected :-)
dual 22” monitors

When I install the x86_64-180.51 NVIDIA driver I get a garbled screen that cant be read. The “accept” and “ok' buttons are all out of place and the text is broken up and scattered.
The driver dose install easy enough by just 1st hitting the left arrow key and continuing to press enter after each time the bar goes to 100%. Afterwords you get back to console and just run:
and everything works perfect.

That was so much fun that I did my famous “hose&reload” to try it again.
Same thing all over again. Driver works great after you get it in.

Next I did another install on another partition to use for a package builder & tester system.
This time I used a driver that I've used several times on Slamd64 without any issues on this same box.
Same results also with the older driver.

Tomorrow I'm guna stick it on another box with a single 19” monitor and an intel cpu that I haven't screwed with an see what happens.

I think this might be a little bug, but it aint a bad one because I'm able to get driver installed.

Anybody else have this happen?

This is a FANTASTICALLY FABULOUS OS! I just love the speed!
Thanks Team Slack! & Thanks Eric!

Another BTW:
Lets not forget where the Slack Store is.

hemp4fuel 05-21-2009 12:53 AM

It happened here too, so I used the command line version with 'sh --ui=none'.

slackass 05-21-2009 01:02 AM

Ok great!
I just learned something new.

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