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Config 06-28-2002 11:21 AM

Slack ISO
Sorry, this question sounds silly, but I couldn't figure yet....

On a mirror for slack 8.1, I found the following iso's:


Which ones do I need? What's the point of downloading the first, if the second also contains Gnome etc.
Help is appreciated :)

twk 06-28-2002 11:57 AM


it has both kde and gnome..

Excalibur 06-29-2002 08:16 AM

Slackware-8.1-install.iso from June 18 is the first ISO image. It contains KDE and GNome but not the KDEI international package. It is reported I think at 657 MByte. Make sure that it fits on your CDR. KDEI package can be downloaded from slackware-current tree.

Watch the file sizes on the ISO images. From what I can see from the mirror I use, the Base-KDE-GNome ISO image will only fit on a 80 minute/700 MByte CDR because it 712,xxx KBytes. This probably contains KDEI as well and that would account for the large file size. The mirror had not completed the update yet so I am basing this information from the listing file.

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