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Zarnce 08-27-2003 03:30 PM

slack current question
This is going to sound like a complete noob question. I have only used packages out of slack current.

Is slack current the complete set or is it just the new packages?


tommyj27 08-27-2003 04:24 PM

slack-current is a complete release. AFAIK, it is the most up to date tree, and becomes the home for prereleases and what-not

linuxJaver 08-28-2003 11:50 AM

Is Slack-current available as an iso-image for download ? Where ?

tipaul 08-28-2003 01:01 PM

Slack-Current ISO

Last update seems to be 2 of august...

linuxJaver 08-28-2003 01:14 PM

Thanks for the link :)

Btw, just see on the size of the full , noGnome - isos:

Full: slackware.iso 02-Aug-2003 01:30 1.0G
noGnome: slackware.iso 02-Aug-2003 01:28 804M
noKde: slackware.iso 02-Aug-2003 01:24 609M

AnyOne know how to install directly from the ISO-Image ?
Am not remebered, looked like it is possible to be mounted and accessed like partition, isn't it ? How ?

Is such slackware-current-ISO actually self made by someOne or is that made of slackware-companion ? I meant, is there any possible mirror on the internet ?

I usually download with getright segmented download, it ll be faster if I can adjust some segments to point to other source ..

Azmeen 08-28-2003 09:04 PM


mkdir ~/isomount
cd ~
mount -o loop -t iso9660 filename.iso isomount/

You can then access the files in the ISO :)


h1tman 08-30-2003 02:16 AM

then how do you install everything, do have to do installpkg for every package ?

grym 08-30-2003 12:59 PM

read the UPGRADE.TXT file

h1tman 08-30-2003 01:23 PM

omg, just tell me. i dont have the iso.

grym 08-30-2003 02:07 PM

when you mount the iso you would be able to read this for yourself but here it is

0. Put your machine in single-user mode:
telinit 1

1. Upgrade your glibc shared libraries. This is important, or things
will go haywire during the first part of the upgrade:

upgradepkg /root/slackware/a/glibc-solibs-*.tgz

2. Upgrade your package utilities:

upgradepkg /root/slackware/a/pkgtools-*.tgz

3. Upgrade everything else (and install new packages):

upgradepkg --install-new /root/slackware/*/*.tgz

4. Make sure your system will boot. If you use LILO, make sure the
paths in /etc/lilo.conf point to a valid kernel and then type 'lilo'
to reinstall LILO. If you use a bootdisk, you'll need to use
makebootdisk to make a new bootdisk using the kernel in /boot.

5. Fix your config files. Some of the config files in /etc are going to
need your attention. You'll find the new incoming config files on
your system with the ".new" extension. You may need to fill these in
with information from your old config files and then move them over.

6. Return to multi-user mode:
telinit 3

Finally, you might want to go into /var/log/packages, and take a look at
the package list:

h1tman 08-30-2003 07:52 PM

god-lee, thank you.

egh128 08-30-2003 08:44 PM

How do you burn a 1.0GB ISO?

h1tman 08-30-2003 11:26 PM

i dont think you burn it, but boot into slack 9 or whatever, and mount the image.

linuxJaver 08-31-2003 01:15 AM

I do have another partition free, about 4 GB enough for a slack-current (install everything should only be 2GB).
So this is how I install a fresh slackware-current without to burn a CD:

The answer is slackware is confortable to install from harddisk/partition, as long as u have the subdir slackware (containing a ap d e f k kde kdei l n t tcl x xap y) from the install-CD somewhere on the harddisk.

I've downloaded from within w2k on the ntfs partition, this partition is mounted on /mnt/nt1, as stated above further:
# mount -o loop -t iso9660 /mnt/nt1/slackware.iso /mnt/iso
caused an IOCTL error, I just copied that iso into my old slack9 / partition, n mounted it with "mount -o loop -t iso9660 /slackware.iso /mnt/iso". Then I can copy the /mnt/iso/slackware to /

Create the bare.i bootdisk, n other 2 rootdisks (install.1,install.2), boot with the bare.i (dun need any parameter by me), insert rotdisks by prompt ..

mount that old-slack9 partition somewhere on the tree e.g. /z (but not into /mnt), remember the directory containing (a, ap, d, e, f, k ..), in the case must be in /z/slackware.

Activate my swapspace: # swapon /dev/hda6 (can be done within setup),
then run setup, select "select from a premounted directory, enter /z/slackware", then it is like when installing from a CDROM, only faster (reading from harddsik is faster than from CD).

At the end by installing a boot kernel, I can only choose install kernel from bootdisk (have to enter the bare.i diskett again). I had the option to choose kernels from the CDROM, but the CDROM was not mounted, after sucessed installation, I tried to mount that slackware.iso from the oldslack partition somewhere on the tree of the running installation-slack, it worked. There it must be possible also to mount that slackware.iso using mount -o loop -t iso9660 /mnt/cdrom. That is the place where a real install-CD is mounted. Then I ll have the option to choose options the 2.4.21-kernels from the CDROM (mounted iso), I bet ..

So far am currently on that slack-current noGnome 8.05GB, look nice with xfce .. Actually an image of noGnome+noKde in would be not that bad next time ..

After first login, cd /etc/rc.d
chmod 644 rc.nfsd, rc.sendmail,, rc.sshd prevent the kernel from loading not neccessary daemonds, should save some RAM ..

Reboot, startx then am here .. :)

h1tman 08-31-2003 11:33 AM

i think i will just use swaret for now lol

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