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Aktionman 11-19-2003 02:21 PM

Slack 9.1 installation gone wrong...
I installed slack 9.1 successfully the other day, but I failed to create a swap drive and set up my partitions. So I RTFM, as someone politely suggested, and proceeded accordingly. I set up my partitions and encountered some discrepancies:
1. # of cylinders for this disk is 2434. It came up as some kind of warning. The manual reads it should be 1060.
2. When it was time to designate space, it wouldn't let me begin at 0. I had to begin at 1. I don't know if this is a big deal or not.

Using fdisk, I was able to set two partitions, one being a swap. I designated it at 128 and used the rest for my root. Later I was going to set up a /home.

I proceeded with the format and install. At package "A" I encountered this:

installpg error #1 - Fatal error attempting to install:
/var/log/mount/slackware/a/procps-2.0.16-i486-2.tgz. The package may be corrupt, the installation media may be bad, or something else has caused the package to be unable to be read without error. you may hit enter to continue if you wish, but if this is an important required package then your installation may not work as is.

This is using the same disc that was able to successfully install just the other day. It stayed in the cd tray, so I am kind of puzzled how the cd could be the problem.

As of right now, I am going to reformat the cds and reburn the iso and give it another try.

kadaver 11-19-2003 03:01 PM

I don't know if I can be of any assistance but here goes....

First off, consider using cfdisk. Not that there's anything wrong with using fdisk but if you're a newbie to all of this, cfdisk is easier to use (looks and feels a lot like fdisk from DOS) and since you're a newbie, it will be easier to set things up correctly...

So pass the command 'cfdisk' when you've booted with the CD and logged in as root.

Set your partitions as you please. Personally i use 1 partition for the root ( / ) about 12 GB and one for /home, about 120 GB (the large /home is due to an FTP-server). The space is optional but say you have a 20 GB drive, you should set / to about 12 GB and /home to 8 GB. You get the point.

Ah! Almost forgot the SWAP-space. Personally i removed my swap when I upgraded my computer, I was told that if you have 512 MB DDR-RAM or more the swap is obsolete. But once again this is optional, if you need/want a swap-partition, set it to about double the size of your RAM...

As for the error during install I would personally recommend taking the disc out and wiping it with a dry cotton cloth from the center moving out in a straight line. If that doesn't work rince the disc with water (should be finger-warm). Administer soap in a thick layer to all of the disc and rince it once again with water until all the soap is gone and wipe it off with a cotton cloth in the same way as before.

If the disc still refuses to comply, do what hackers call a "brute-force-attack" meaning:

1. Take the disc out of the CD-ROM
2. Pound it to the floor
3. Take a sharp object and run it over the CD a repeatedly
4. Put it in the microwave (this is extremely cool btw ;)
5. Burn it with a blowtorch
6. Bury it in your backyard/backyard of choice
7. Buy a new one

There you have it, good luck, and be sure to post your progress....

etillman 11-19-2003 03:01 PM

Try using cfdisk instead of fdisk to set up your partitions.
I've used both, and cfdisk is much easier to work with.

Aktionman 11-19-2003 03:23 PM

Concerning the error message
Do you think the error I received is due to the fdisk setup vs. the cfdisk?

kadaver 11-20-2003 03:51 AM

I don't know, all I know is that cfdisk is easier to use. And that makes it easier for the user not to fudge it up =)

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