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gmartin 07-05-2007 11:26 AM

Slack 12 broke openldp
I upgraded to Slack12 over the weekend and broke my openldap 2.3.27 install. It appears (ok - I asked the openldap list), the the bdb upgrade did it. Looking at my system, I had both db42-4.2 and db44-4.4 installed. I looked at the dates and the 4.3 package was from Oct 06. I removed 4.4 and got an error during removal saying that it skipped because it was in another package.

I suspect removing that would help, but I don't know what it will break. Any thoughts?

b0uncer 07-05-2007 01:50 PM

Back it up, remove, see if it helps and if not, put it back. Easy as that, as everything's just files? :)

Better listen to the old saying: do not fix a working thing. If Slack11 was working all right, why upgrade to 12, especially now that it's just come out and is still "hot"? Better stick to using 11 as long as it's sensible, which means long, or if you really insist on moving to 12, at least wait until most of the post-release bugs have been fixed. And before ramming on, breaking stuff like you apparently have, test what happens if you can. An identical test-environment is always a nice thing to have.

gmartin 07-05-2007 05:32 PM

I re-installed 4.4, removed the old database and used slapadd to recreate from an ldif export I had on hand. I'm looking into the 4.2 ->4.4 upgrade process for berkeleydb. If I find it, I'll post back.

As for the "if it's not broke" advice - I appreciate the sentiment and if this was not my hobby machine, I'd likely have followed it. As it is, this is how I learn stuff and breaking a few things actually speeds the learning process.


hitest 07-05-2007 05:40 PM


Originally Posted by gmartin
As it is, this is how I learn stuff and breaking a few things actually speads the learning process.


I also really like trying out new distros, software. I will also sometimes break things, but I have fun fixing my mistakes. I learn valuable things when a plan goes awry.

mRgOBLIN 07-06-2007 08:28 AM

From memory there is a symlink /usr/include/db.h --> /usr/include/db4/db.h.. this is what configure is looking at to determine the bdb version on your system.

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