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Mig21 02-05-2014 11:07 PM

Setting up Sendmail on a dynamic IP
I've had my server running with an almost-vanilla setup for many years but finally got around to setting up SPF and DKIM on it, which hopefully will mean fewer of my emails will get filtered as spam.

Thought I'd share :)

Alien Bob 02-07-2014 07:56 AM

Interesting enough, especially SPF, to add to the Slackware Documentation Wiki. Would you be interested in adding this to ?
If you want to keep your own site getting hits, you could write a Wiki article which is a more straight-forward HOWTO and point a backlink to your own site which provides the whole background story and your thought train.


Mig21 02-11-2014 10:21 AM

Sure, I can add an overview there with links to my posts. Where exactly would you suggest it should go?

In principle I'm not against copy-pasting the entire thing I guess, I mean I posted it to share with others :)

Alien Bob 02-11-2014 03:29 PM

You can start by sending an email to to request a login account on (tell us which login name you prefer).

Then I suggest that you create something like the not-yet-existing or if you like, any other page name that starts with
The " : " characters are something like separators and the stuff that they separate is called a "namespace" (on the physical server they correspond to subdirectories).
In other words, yours will be a page in the "network_services" subsection of the "howtos" namespace.

Don't worry about formatting if the task looks daunting, one of the admins will QA your work. We highly value any submission.


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