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eccarlsen 04-16-2002 06:46 PM

sendmail, dialup and slackware
Can anyone point me to a howto or something to help me to configure sendmail over a ppp connection. I use at&t worldnet service and I have the dialup connection working with kppp (couldn't get the pppsetup to work but that's another story). I'm having a really hard time with documentation because it's either impossible to understand or the various howto's are so different that nothing makes sense. thanks for any help.

Eric Carlsen

tuxinobr 04-20-2002 12:12 AM

pppsetup, sendmail, fetchmail, mutt

to make your connection with pppsetup, just type as root in your command line ppp-go.
This command(ppp-go) will show the information about your and yours provider's DNS.
If you preffer to the system not show these informations, type ppp-go -q.
To disconnect, just type ppp-off.

As you, i'm in a doubt with how to configure sendmail, to send my mails whit mutt.
There is one more question: how do i set up fetchmail to fetch my mails in a pop server
as a normal user?


eccarlsen 04-21-2002 06:33 PM

I actually got the dialup connection working fine with kppp. The pppsetup utility didn't work for me. To configure fetchmail just run the fetchmailconf program. I got that working, just not sendmail. That fetchmailconf program pops up a little graphical interface and you enter data about your various mailboxes and what not, it's pretty easy and self-explanatory. Thanks for the post.

jkidd 04-24-2002 02:22 AM

Try this
Check out this artcle in LG

Don't get misleaded by the Red Hat in the title, it's easy to do in Slackware what the article says.

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