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chess 05-27-2009 10:03 PM

Sbopkg and Slackware64 Update
Sorry for posting this here, but I have been inundated with emails and wanted to put this where it would get maximum exposure.

Question: Will sbopkg work on Slackware64? Why are some scripts failing that I build with sbopkg on Slackware64?

Answer: Sbopkg is undergoing a /lot/ of work in its subversion repository in preparation for the next major release. Part of this work is to fully support Slackware64 insofar as the scripts at will support Slackware64. This generally requires two things: (a) exporting ARCH in sbopkg.conf[1] and (b) a SlackBuild script that has been checked or updated for Slackware64 by possibly including the LIBDIRSUFFIX assignments, --libdir=/usr/lib${LIBDIRSUFFIX} passed to ./configure, and any other necessary changes. The template ( now provides the bits that are necessary for most scripts to work on Slackware64, although manual tweaking is often necessary. Some scripts may not need tweaking at all.

Sbopkg simply provides an interface to build packages from the scripts at If one of the SlackBuild scripts does not build properly in sbopkg on Slackware64, then the cause is likely that the SlackBuild script itself has not yet been updated by its maintainer, in which case it will not work whether or not sbopkg is used. It is up to each script's maintainer to update his/her scripts at

Ultimately, please just keep in mind that Slackware64 has not been released in its final form and the scripts at have not yet been fully checked to work on Slackware64. Since we are in a period of transition, using sbopkg on Slackware64 is a 'YMMV' proposition. It is not officially supported. I am using sbopkg on Slackware64-current and it works fine for those SlackBuilds that have been updated after exporting ARCH in sbopkg.conf. Since I plan to stay on Slackware64, and since I eat my own dogfood, making sbopkg work flawlessly on Slackware64 is a high priority for me. :-)

Sbopkg is not officially supported by, so if you have any issues or questions with sbopkg itself, please do not report these things to any of the other admins. Instead, please ask me via email, IRC (#sbopkg on freenode), or on the sbopkg ML (preferred). Check the sbopkg homepage for more information on that. Finally, if one of your favorite SlackBuild scripts at has not been updated, consider asking the maintainer to update it.

[1] For Slackware64 users, then, this would need to be added to sbopkg.conf: export ARCH=${ARCH:-x86_64}

slackass 05-27-2009 10:11 PM

Thanks for the info.
And thanks-a-whole-bunch for you excellent work!

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