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radwis 11-27-2013 04:01 AM

sbopkg and SlackBuilds 14.1 repo
does anybody know how to make the latest sbopkg using the freshly opened Slackbuilds 14.1 repo?

I tried to modify the sbopkg conf file by changing 14.0 to 14.1 but no luck.
I can use the git though.

Should I wait for the new version of sbopkg?


ponce 11-27-2013 04:05 AM

edit the file /etc/sbopkg/repos.d/40-sbo.repo adding, on top of the other entries, another one like this

SBo 14.1 "SBo repository for Slackware 14.1" _SBo rsync GPG
then edit /etc/sbopkg/sbopkg.conf setting the variables REPO_BRANCH and REPO_NAME like this



sbopkg -r
and you should be ready to go.

(notice that a /root/.sbopkg.conf file, if exists, will override the options in /etc/sbopkg/sbopkg.conf)

BroX 11-27-2013 04:06 AM

You can add the SBo 14.1 repo to /etc/sbopkg/repos.d/40-sbo.repo


I type too slow...

ponce 11-27-2013 04:11 AM


Originally Posted by BroX (Post 5071332)
I type too slow...

well, I mostly copy/pasted as I answered this already on ;)

radwis 11-27-2013 04:54 AM

guys, many thanks for the quick feedback, I'll try all of that this evening :-)

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