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Holering 10-11-2010 12:59 AM

SalixOS: I disabled some services so no mouse with gpm plus no keyboard after startx?
I thought this would be the right place to post since salix is Slackware based.

Ok so I've installed SalixOS LXDE and thought it was the best thing but... After I disabled almost all services except syslog, dbus, and hald while inside lxde desktop. I rebooted and my mouse and keyboard no longer worked. So then I booted my Slackware install and edited /etc/inittab on the salix partition so I could boot into init 3 (I kinda like init 3 more than 4 anyway). Booted back into salix and keyboard seems to work but gpm doesn't... Gpm can't find any mouse so I do an lsmod and there's only about 4 modules loaded? Crap... So I dig around /etc/rc.d folder and I think it's got to do with me disabling the udev services when everything was fine after a fresh install...

I ran the init script for udev but it does nothing... I also ran pkgtool and went to setup, selected services and hit enter but it jumps back to the main menu?! I don't know if that's a glitch or what but it won't even let me pick the services with pkgtool...

So what can I do to change everything back to their default value? I only booted once into my new salix install, changed services, rebooted, and then problems...

I really loved the way everything was working on my first boot. Salix is one of those distro's that really gave me a happy feeling with linux so I'd really hate to stop using it over this one wrong thing I did...

So is there an easy way to change everything back to defaults?

veeall 10-11-2010 02:10 AM

Check that files in /etc/rc.d have executable bit set (set with "chmod +x FILENAME"). I guess disabling services in salix means simply making rc.* files unexecutable. You can use Tab-key autocompletion in bash to make typing easier. Or use mc to manage files and file permissions (F9 activates upper menu).

You can reinstall packages using slapt-get in command line.

gapan 10-11-2010 03:25 AM

You shouldn't have disabled udev. Of course devices won't work after that. As veeall noted, you can reenable it by running:

chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.udev
and then reboot.

In salix there are other alternatives to do the same too, you can run:

service start udev
or run

and you can reconfigure all services using the menus.

Holering 10-11-2010 03:56 AM

What's weird is that udev appeared to be starting up on every boot afterward but then again it was probly just an echo hiding what was really going on.

Yeah I thought I shouldn't have disabled that. I tried reinstalling from the livecd using load to ram. After setup partitioned the disk it hung at creating /etc/fstab...

So I'm gonna reinstall it later without load to ram. Then I'm gonna do the same thing I did to screw it up. Then I'm gonna try your solution. LOL

Don't worry I'm just doing it so I know how to fix it and I'm sure what you guys posted will fix it.

Oh and just so you know I'm running on 1gb of ram.

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