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disturbed1 01-15-2011 10:21 PM

Running Slackware from an SD card - tmpfs / ramfs
I was just given a dell mini 9. Joy a new toy :) The SSD has failed, so I installed Slackware -current to a 2GiB SD card. Everything is working fine except I'm worried about killing the flash drive due to excessive read-writes.

Not being concerned with persistent storage, I've mounted a couple of dir's to ramfs -

none /tmp ramfs defaults 0 0
none /home/user/.mozilla ramfs default 0 0

I'd love to mount the entire drive as read only. Then certain directories that need written to as ramfs. However this mini 9 only has 512MiB, and I'm affraid I'll quickly run out of space. I am not using swap.

ramfs and tmpfs are new concepts to me. I did a little research, but was hoping for some user input on their experiences.

MS3FGX 01-15-2011 10:56 PM

My server is running Slackware from a CF card, with no swap and directories with high file I/O (like the log files) moved over to tmpfs. You can read about the build and my software setup on my site:

DigiFAIL - Mainframe Mk2

The setup has worked exceptionally well for me so far, though I have 2 GB of RAM in the server. With only 512 MB, and the overhead involved with running X and desktop-oriented applications, I am not sure you can really spare the memory.

disturbed1 01-15-2011 11:39 PM

Thanks! I'll read through it.
The PC is using ~100 MiB with openbox, tint2, network manager applet, and firefox. I've been thinking of getting a CF card as I've read those are more durable. I have one of those usb multi reader things. Need to check with my SD card if the mini 9 can properly use it to boot first. Happened to find a site with different adapters for miniPCI slots This is just a side project to have fun with. It was given to me because the battery is toast, they lost the charger, and of course failed SSD drive.

off topic -
Did you post that from a cr-48? Have they released any updates to chrome os yet. I flashed the bios on my cr-48, and put Slackware on it for the time being. Waiting on Google to push some updates before I flash it back.

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