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aje 08-12-2005 12:41 AM

Root cannot change file permissions.
I'm trying to change permissions of /media so my regular user can write to /media.

I'm trying "chown -R aje:1000 /media" as root, but I'm still being told "permission denied"

What am I doing wrong?

gbonvehi 08-12-2005 01:49 AM

What's mounted on media? It could be that it's mounted as read-only.
If you mount it using fstab post /etc/fstab or if you're doing it manually post the command you're using.

aje 08-12-2005 02:18 AM


/dev/hdb1        /media          vfat        users,auto,rw,umask=000    1  0

note: I added the users option to see if that would have any effect on changing ownership. I have not rebooted or remounted the drive though ...

gbonvehi 08-12-2005 02:27 AM


/dev/hdb1        /media          vfat        auto,gid=100,user,umask=000 0 0
And yes, you've to remount the partition using mount /media or reboot.

If you've doubts about the parameters you can check with fstab and mount's man pages.

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