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vdemuth 04-30-2012 12:16 PM

Removepkg didn't remove pkg
Well, maybe it did, but didn't remove all files related with the package.
I had speech-dispatcher installed, having downloaded the source and compiled/installed using src2pkg.
Anyway, it seemed to work reasonably well, except it used 65% of my cpu time on both cores.
So I removed it using removepkg, which reported that it had indeed been removed. Problem is it didn't remove the excutable binary from /usr/local/bin, so on the next reboot it was still taking up the cpu time.

I have of course removed it manually since, but was wondering what may have caused it to not be removed automatically with the removepkg command.

bosth 04-30-2012 01:07 PM

It could be that the source's install script bypasses the DESTDIR variable used by src2pkg (and SBo scripts) to first install to /tmp, from where a Slackware .t?z is created. This would mean that the binary in /usr/local/bin wasn't tracked by Slackware's package management system and wasn't removed. If you still have the package you created, try un-taring it to see if the binary is actually in the package. If not, it was probably installed during the package creation process rather than by installpkg.

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