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zalibidas 01-24-2009 03:16 AM

Removable Media
Ok.. so.. I'll start off by saying this is the first time I've used Linux like this, really. I've used it before for a short time at a friends, but it was all graphic. Ubuntu or w/e.

I had heard this one had a steep learning curve.. and it does from what I've seen. I can't figure any of this stuff out..

Only thing I really want to know about, though, at the moment, is how do I get removable media working? I can't seem to get it to recognize that my PSP is connected at all. Its basically just like a MP3 player or portable hard drive or w/e.

I switched to such a hard distro right away cus' I'm kinda trying to lose the PC addiction... I played games and all the like way to often. So often it was unhealthy. I used chat online as a substitute for interaction, etc etc. In short it was killing me and I felt I had to try something.

I don't know ANYTHING about the terminal commands, at all. So figured out something basic like the PSP thing.. ugh. Its only been bad luck for me. x_X

Also, if its not to much trouble, how would I go about uninstalling pidgin or w/e. Can't have that thing hanging around if I plan to drive myself to the point of using a PC less. xD

Oh, and I picked fluxbox when I had the choice of desktop environments or w/e. Thank you for any help.

rvo 01-24-2009 08:18 AM

I don't understand, you are trying to lose the PC addiction but you switched to Slackware, the distro that encourage you to *be* a PC addicted :-) (Learning the CLI, how things works, the boot process, etc).

Anyway, I'd recommend KDE instead of fluxbox because it's more user friendly and more similar than Windows. About the PSP, I don't know if the system recognizes the PSP as a mass storage device, if so, you need to be in the 'plugdev' group to properly use your device (basically you plug that in, and KDE will ask if your want to mount it, like Windows).

Open a terminal and type 'su' then enter the root password, then type 'gpasswd -a [username] plugdev'. Then reboot your machine (or log out and log back in).

Good luck.

zalibidas 01-24-2009 10:09 AM

Its because of all the effort I'd have to put into it. I'm the type of person who would try something complicated for an hour, get ticked off, give up, then try again later. That "give up" part is what I'm going for. :P

But yeah, I'd like to stick with fluxbox. I kind of like how it works/looks over KDE. Will that work in Fluxbox as well?

EDIT - Figured out how to do it via the mount command. Its good enough for me.

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