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freakallen 06-30-2002 12:25 PM

release date
Does anyone know the data slackware 8.1 pre-orders will ship out yet? Ive never even receaved a email or any type of notification that my payment was receaved with my credit card yet. Its the 1st now and the ship date was june 28th or around june 28th. So id say if by the 3rd they are not shiped out something is up. Anyone heard anything about a ship date yet and also has anyone who preordered got a email or any other type of notification that their payment was receaved? Thanks in advance cause when I emailed slackware I got no reply. I got a reply to all questions before I ordered but not after I ordered wanting to know if my payment was receaved or not.

trickykid 06-30-2002 12:47 PM

According to the slackware site, they are suppose to ship orders for 8.1 on or about the 28th of this month.

Excalibur 06-30-2002 01:26 PM

I ordered Slack 8.1 I think about 7 days ago. But they haven't charged my CC as yet. The ship date will probably delay somewhat because of the last minute change on the ISO images. I reviewed my mailbox and I could not locate a receipt message to confirm the order. However, I could not locate any from my prior orders either. I would then expect they will bill my CC when they are ready to ship.

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