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Fuel 11-30-2004 10:00 PM

Hi! long time no see...

Well i was planning reinstall slackware on my workstation & got some tip about /tmp.. among other things..

1.) Should ? it be on its own partition ? do you recommend it ? Some people say yes some other say no. I Would like to clear this out, what do you addicts say ? if yes, how big should /tmp be ?

2.) games goes in user/local right ? -> own partition / fstab / security issues there ?

3.) Is somebody running some oDC client under slackware ? if so, can i share a complete partition ? / fstab / security issues there ?

4.) ..and.. what was the command for moving complete dirs with files to a different location ?

sigsegv 11-30-2004 10:43 PM

Re: reinstall
1) Yes. 512M - 1G should do nicely
2) anything not part of the base system should go in /usr/local, but that's *really* difficult on a linux system as *everything* wants to go to PREFIX=/usr ... (I'm a purist ;) )
3) I don't know what you're referencing with oDC
4) tar

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