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Longgroin 07-31-2003 11:41 PM

Reboot Problem
Hey all,

So i followed the kernel compile guide for n00bs, and everything seemed to work fine, but now, when i boot and the lilo screen appears, i have my two options, Linux.old, and Slack, as i should, but when i choose "Slack" which is the new kernel (2.4.21) it just immediately reboots. However, i can boot to Linux.old perfectly fine.

btw... this is off of a fresh install of slack 9

thanks in advance for any help on this problem

p.s. DaOne -- GREAT POST

Tinkster 07-31-2003 11:43 PM

Must have gotten something crucial in the
kernel wrong :} ... compare your configuration
against the existing hardware again.


Longgroin 08-01-2003 12:24 AM

could my CyrixIII processor be the problem ?? i don't see anything about Cyrix in the ".config" file

Tinkster 08-01-2003 12:26 AM

What CPU did you chose in your custom
kernel, and what is your cyrix most compatible


Longgroin 08-01-2003 12:27 AM

i chose pentium III because that is the one it is closest to

Tinkster 08-01-2003 12:30 AM

Age-wise, speed-wise or architecture-wise? ;)

I've never come across one of those,
but I'd try pentium for a change.

edit: OK, I've looked into my kernel config
and most certainly there IS a Cyrix III/VIA
support there (Kernel 2.4.21)


Longgroin 08-01-2003 12:34 AM

i was just looking in the ".config" file and i now see CyrixIII, missed it before

Thanks for all you help tink.

btw, its a proc and mobo i got from a discard and just pieced together a system from parts laying around, just trying to make it run

thanks again

Tinkster 08-01-2003 12:36 AM

Pleasure mate, enjoy! :)


Longgroin 08-01-2003 01:17 AM


just wanted to let you know that i recompiled with the cyrixIII and i worked great

thanks again

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