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csDraco_ 04-18-2003 10:29 AM

quotes at login
Whenever I login, or start a terminal in Slack9 I get these quotes ... they were fun at firs but now I'm annoyed.

How do I disable these quotes?
- I checked the "message of the day" file ... but it's empty, and my .bashrc file is not loading that prog either
- what package is it anyway?

AltF4 04-18-2003 10:33 AM

check for a call to "fortune" in your startup files (.profile, .bashrc, etc)

csDraco_ 04-18-2003 11:16 AM

I checked both .profile and .bashrc for the "fortune" string and found none.
I did found the files containing the fortunes in the /usr/share/games/fortunes/ dir ... hmm ... perhaps if I was to tar them all up, and erase the original files ... then some script would complain, while giving itself away :)

cuckoopint 04-18-2003 11:23 AM

did you check /etc/profile ?

As for removing it...instead of doing that, Im sure if you 'grep -R fortune /etc/*' it will show up somewhere.

csDraco_ 04-18-2003 11:42 AM

After unleashing egrep -R at the /etc dir ... no script could hide from me!

ahhh ... the miracles of grep -R continue :)

Thanks for all replies ... and may those fortune using scrips rest in peace now :)

docGonzo2000 04-19-2003 09:34 PM

Or, just uninstall the BSD games package. Unless you play those old text games...

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