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skippy1729 04-20-2013 06:50 PM

Questions on installing from USB stick
I have downloaded slackware64-14.0-install-dvd.iso and have written it to a USB stick which will boot it. My severely screwed up Ubuntu system will not burn ISO images for some reason so USB seems to be my only option at this time.

1. What do I choose from the "Source Media Selection" menu? There are five choices and none of them is USB. Choices are:

1. Install from a Slackware CD or DVD.
2. Install from a hard drive partition.
3. Install from NFS (Network File System).
4. Install from FTP/HTTP server.
5. Install from Samba share.
6. Install from a pre-mounted directory.

2. Can I use the "Make USB Flash Boot" option assuming that I have attached my USB installation stick and a second blank stick? Will it trash my installation stick? Should I make a backup installation stick just in case or just skip this step. I assume that I can somehow make a backup stick after installation is complete.

Thanks for any insight.

PS It looks like I should have posted this on the installation sub-forum. Sorry.

273 04-20-2013 07:02 PM

I followed this, and it helped:

Perceptor 04-21-2013 04:04 AM

You could try this one as well.

psionl0 04-21-2013 04:54 AM

The slackware64-14.0-install-dvd.iso file (when mounted) includes a usb-and-pxe-installers/ directory that includes

The easiest way is to copy the slackware64/ subdirectory to the usb drive then run the aforementioned Then you have a bootable usb with all the packages ready to install.

whizje 04-21-2013 05:11 AM


Originally Posted by 273 (Post 4935538)

That's how I do it.

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