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Greek Acrobat 07-27-2005 02:03 PM

Questions about USB and dmesg
I have been having trouble with USB support on my system. I figure I need to do some reading up to get my head around what's going on. What governs USB support in slackware? What should I be looking for information about?

Also, I am being confused by the outputs of dmesg I've been getting. There's one line in particular that I wondering about: "usb_control/bulk_msg: timeout". Can anyone tell me what this means?


uteck 07-27-2005 03:20 PM

Most results from a Google search seem to point a bug in the kernel USB driver. Upgrading your kernel might fix it.

Greek Acrobat 07-27-2005 04:42 PM

I fixed it. I disabled "Assign IRQ for USB" in the BIOS. Does anybody foresee a problem with doing this? Otherwise it seems to have worked.


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