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Alexvader 12-22-2009 09:44 AM

Question about makepkg and installpkg
Hi ppl,

I am in the process of making pkgs of some big stuff ( Salome-Platform, Intel Compilers... ) and I kind of know the drill , cd into the top of dir tree, makepkg --links y --chown n /where/i/want/my/pkg/to/Go.tgz.

When Installing, installpkg --root=/where/I/want/this/to/be/untared myPkg.tgz

So far so good... my question is, Should I installpkg --root=/a/different/prefix/from/the/original pkg_created_with_makepkg.tgz, when I run the will the symlinks be properly restored despite the fact that prefix has changed...?

Is there a way of runing when instalpkg'ing something, is this the default behaviour, or one has to specify this with a sort of flag in command line...?



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gnashley 12-22-2009 10:06 AM

ANy contained on the package will be automatically run when the package is installed. It will be run in the ROOT, if you supply that (using 'installpkg -root path ...' or 'ROOT=path installpkg ...'

The ROOT functionality is not for changing the prefix, though. It's just meant to let you install in another loaction other than /, as if it were the root. For example, you can do a new installation to another partition by mounting it -say on /tmp/newroot. Then: 'installpkg -root /tmp/newroot *.tgz' will install the package there as if it were '/'

Alexvader 12-22-2009 10:18 AM

Hi Gnashley

Thanks :)



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