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aaarnt 12-09-2012 08:16 AM

QTGZManager RC2 released
After three previews, good feedback from users, a business trip and some delay here it comes QTGZ's new version: RC2!

Changelog includes:

* Fixed crash when a malformed package was detected;
* Added support for TDE - Trinity Desktop Environment;
* Warns users if the program needs restart, based on changes in Options/Setup;
* User defined mirrors can be added just editing ~/.config/QTGZManager/mirrors file;
* ARM mirrors appear only when using Slackwarearm distro;
* Checking Slackware patches now outputs status against number of patches available;
* Window Close button now quits QTGZ by default. Previous hiding behavior can be configured using Options/Setup;

More info about this project at:

Hope you all like this one!

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