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aaarnt 11-18-2012 12:15 PM

QTGZManager RC2 Preview3

Here comes the third and hopefully last preview of QTGZManager RC2.
If all goes right, RC2 will be released next week.

Preview3 Features:

- Couple of Bugfixes, including one that could segfault application;
- Trinity Desktop Environment support;
- Close Window button now behaves like it is supposed to;
- Users can merge their own mirrors just editing "~/.config/QTGZManager/mirrors" file;
- Mirror list now stretchs nicely according to Setup Dialog width;
- Changing some options in Setup dialog reminds users they need to restart the app;

More information, updated screenshots, a quick Manual as well as a THANKS section can be found here:

Downloads at:

Thanks and keep supporting it!

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