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ninja master 05-26-2008 06:12 PM

project m under slackware
has anyone gotten project m working under slackware? i would really like to do milkdrop under linux and would like some tips. =D

x94qvi 05-27-2008 05:38 AM

Hi Ninja Master

When I set it up on Slackware 12.0 last Fall, I installed the following packages:
1. ftgl-2.1.2
2. libprojectM-0.99
3. libvisual-0.4.0
4. libvisual-projectM-0.99

Then, to use it, just open Amarok, click on Tools -> Visualizations, and projectm-libvisual should appear in the list automatically.

I think I had some issues with installing ftgl (can't recall exactly what - sorry), so I had to download a slackware package version from, specifically "ftgl-2.1.2-i486-1as.tgz".

However, if I was to reinstall ProjectM again, I would try to figure out how to install it from source, as I'm not as keen to using other people's packages these days unless they come from the Slackware team (i.e official packages or Robby's slackbuilds).

Hope that helps.

ninja master 05-27-2008 01:04 PM

kinda im still stuck at where i was. i use "cmake ." on libprojectm and it works fine, then when i go to make it freaks out about missing GL/glew.h any ideas?

ninja master 05-27-2008 03:35 PM

ok, i found glew on slaptget and it quit complaining about it. i installed all of your post and everything should be working but it is not. when i go in amarok it says no visualizations found check if lib visual is installed, its installed.

x94qvi 05-28-2008 09:24 PM

OK, so I set out to figure this out, and I have successfully installed Project M on a (relatively) fresh install of Slackware 12.1. I'm including some instructions below on how to do this.

I don't know anything about slaptget, so I can't help you out in that area, sorry.

A couple of notes first:
- I prefer to d/l and install sourcecode wherever possible, so that's what these instructions are based on.
- I also tend to install pretty much everything on my system with a prefix of /usr. If you install to somewhere else (e.g. /usr/local) you're more than welcome to do so (although I cannot guarantee that you'll get the same results as me).
- I installed all of the following packages in the order they are listed below.
- All of the projectM sourcefiles use cmake. And unfortunately, they don't have any uninstall methods attached. So if you ever have to uninstall, you'll need to figure out how to uninstall those packages yourself. (apparently, the files installed are listed in the install_manifest.txt file generated from the make command)
- I am still a newbie myself; so anything I say could be completely incorrect or unapplicable.

So, here you go:

1. Install FTGL.
I used ftgl-2.1.2-i486-1as.tgz (available from
This is a slackware 12.0 package, so no extra work is necessary - just use installpkg to install.

I could never figure out how to install from the original sourcefile; there's an issue of some sort in one of the files, apparently.
...the other option is to download the source & and slackbuild scripts provided on the above site. (, and run it. There is a "diff" file which applies a 'fix' or patch for the sourcecode. Anyhow, by running the slackbuild, it should recompile for your own machine, and create a .tgz file in the same dir which you can then install as a Slackware package.
(BTW, I actually went the slackbuild route myself for this time round on Slackware 12.1, although I downloaded the above precompiled package when I set this up on slackware 12.0)

2. Download & install glew (download from
no configuration... just type the following:
(as root) make install

3. For the ProjectM stuff, I just downloaded the "complete" archive from ( The name of the file was projectM-complete-1.1-r4.tar.bz2

4. Install Project M Engine (
cmake .
ccmake .
change CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to /usr and exit (press "enter" to change the value, and press "c" to save your changes, and "q" to exit)
(as root) make install

5. libvisual-0.4.0.tar.gz (available from
./configure --prefix=/usr
(as root) make install

6. Install Project M Libvisual
cmake .
ccmake .
change CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to /usr and exit
(as root) make install

7. Restart Amarok, click on Tools -> Visualizations, and projectm-libvisual should appear in the list automatically. Click on the checkbox beside it, and the window should automatically appear on your desktop.

There you go, hope that helps.

T3slider 05-28-2008 09:57 PM


Originally Posted by x94qvi
As I mentioned before, this is not an official thing, so do this at your own risk.

Just a note, there's nothing "official" about It happens to be run by some people who contribute (a lot) to Slackware, but it is not related officially to Slackware in any way.

x94qvi 05-29-2008 09:02 AM

You're absolutely correct T3Slider.

The builds at are not official slackware builds. After re-reading my post, I could see that it was incorrect/misleading, so I've edited those comments out. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

ninja master 06-02-2008 12:23 PM

x94qvi yes that helps a lot. =D my question is where are the settings for projectM? the resolution is SMALL, and i would like to tune project m better than default. my next question is how can i generate project m visuals off of line in (from a turn table mixer) i got projectM up by step 4 in your post (but that might be because i have had other parts of projectM installed previously) finally i run multi monitor each monitor acts as its own x11, kinda, but i was wondering how i could get project m running on both monitors at once also.

ninja master 06-02-2008 01:00 PM

option 5 and 6 are installed via slapt get, i tryed to install projectM-xmms but get the error projectM.hpp not found. i get projectM under amrock, but amrock is way slow on my system where xmms is 10 times faster.

ninja master 06-26-2008 07:02 PM

ok just an update as to whats going on with this. i was trying to install projectM 1.1, but 1.1 was very broken! 1.2 installs everything fine, except for projectM-jack. but 1.2 comes with projectM-alsa for alsa input. so under slackware 12.1 i got everything to install in projectM 1.2 except for projectM 1.2 jack witch is still broken.

x94qvi 06-27-2008 05:42 AM

It would be helpful if you could post the exact error messages you saw when you attempted to install projectM-jack. That way others might be able to help you out with that exact issue or issues.

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