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monkeymartin 05-01-2003 03:20 AM

program for downloding mp3's
what program do you use to download mp3s

in windows i used winmx

what do you recommend

my distro is slackware 9.0

NSKL 05-01-2003 03:33 AM

I have a slow conection so i dont use file sharing, but from reading other posts it seems people like Lopster, Edonkey, Mule, and gtk-gnutella.

neenee 05-01-2003 04:34 AM

try here.

membrax 05-01-2003 05:34 AM

LimeWire is nice as well (java VM 1.3.1 should be installed first).

Otherwise, some irc chatrooms are sometimes worthy.

nakkaya 05-01-2003 07:15 PM


Astro 05-03-2003 05:56 PM

Well I'm quite partial to the DC++ (Direct Connect) clients/networks, here on campus for about 700 users on the hub we share about 20 terrabytes, so just about anything you'll ever need, or not need will be there... I've found the same results with other off campus hubs as well. You can stop one, but you can't stop them all... and damned if I'm paying for some profiteering gluttons dinner some night, I'll take my music for free kthx :p

docGonzo2000 05-04-2003 10:46 PM

Check this out.

I use KaZaA. It works well enough. Does require a little bit of wine expertise, but it's not so bad.

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