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MS3FGX 03-30-2006 10:17 PM

Problems with glibc on Slackware current?
I upgraded to glibc -2.3.6-i486-3 a few days ago, and since then the machine has crashed twice.

Once last night, where X crashed and just went to a black screen, changing back to tty1, I could see it said something about a glibc critical error.

Today, when I went to some evening classes, I returned to see my computer apparently restarted, and "last" showed "crashed" about an hour after I left.

Anyone else noticing any problems with this glibc version?

Also, something I thought very odd, when X crashed to the black screen, the only thing that showed up was ">_0" in the top left corner. WTF is up with that...

gilead 03-30-2006 10:24 PM

What steps did you use to upgrade? The info in upgrade.txt has stuff like; change to single user mode, update glibc-solibs, update pkgtools then update the other packages. After I do this I usually recompile my kernel and nvidia drivers, but only because I've had problems with the nvidia stuff before and I can't recompile it properly without recompiling the kernel (after updating glibc).

MS3FGX 03-30-2006 10:57 PM

I did drop into single user mode and go through the normal routine for updating glibc and the base libraries. But even if I hadn't, isn't going to single user mode just to minimalize the amount of programs running to reduce the risk of programs acting up at the time of upgrade? I have restarted the machine a few times since then.

I didn't recompile the kernel after the upgrade though, and I am using the Nvidia drivers, so that might be something for me to look into.

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