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levicc00123 10-28-2004 09:56 PM

problems booting new initrd
I upgraded my kernel to using the kernel with modules from and since I use ReiserFS, I created an initrd using the following command from /boot:


mkinitrd -c -k -m reiserfs
I updated my /etc/lilo.conf and rebooted. I got the following error message:


LinuxEBDA is big; kernel setup stack overlaps LILO second stage.
What do I need to do?

wolfe2554 10-28-2004 11:57 PM

do you have a rescue disk???
hope so you may test this by using the rescue disk to boot the system using the new initrd. But I suspect that the new
initrd is so big that it overwote lilo's space in sector 0. Solution shrink you kernel install. More modules and reinstall lilo from the rescue disk.
The EBDA is the Extended BIOS Data Area
which stores some data structures used by the BIOS.
So perhaps lilo has a problem. I did some research and it appers that it is nessecary to download the source for lilo. Then edit the make file can change Large_EBDA to enabled. Then compile and install. I have never seen this error but it is worth a shot. whats the worst that can happen??? <funny, well probably not.
good luck

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